our story

We are a husband and wife team living in Seattle, Washington with our two daughters. We design the furniture pieces together and then make them by hand in our workshop located in the SODO district. Both of us received our Master of Architecture degrees from the University of Washington and subsequently worked on a variety of public and private projects throughout Seattle and the neighboring communities before starting our furniture venture.

We are of like mind in our value of design but arrived at this point from very different backgrounds. Chris was born and raised in Roseburg, Oregon and began woodworking at an early age. He spent a great deal of time outside and developed a sense for the landscape and native trees. Combined together, they led to a strong connection of making and place, and eventually to architecture and furniture design. Sharon was born and raised in Northern Virginia just outside D.C. Her creative drive and interest in Art led her to architecture and furniture design. Most of her extended family lives in India, where she spent many of her summer vacations growing up. She now visits India together with her husband and daughters, where their cultural experience has greatly influenced their design perceptions.

We believe in modernism as a design approach that helps us balance both function and delight in a single effort. Our architectural background pushes us to consider the work beyond its role as object art and more as an element within a larger setting. We consider ourselves furniture architects simply forming space on a smaller scale. We attempt to produce work that is real and utilitarian, and thus reveals the beauty within the everyday.